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The Essential Keys to a Successful Surety Relationship

Suretyship is insurance that guarantees the performance of a contract or obligation. The surety is the party that provides the guarantee, while the obligee is the party that receives the security. The surety and obligee relationship requires trust, communication, and a clear understanding of expectations. 

This blog post will discuss the essential keys to a successful surety relationship.

Key #1: Trust

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, including the surety relationship. The surety must trust the principal, the party being guaranteed, to perform the contract or obligation as agreed. 

Similarly, the obligee must trust the surety to fulfill its obligation if the principal fails to perform. The surety must have confidence in the principal’s ability and willingness to function. To establish trust, both parties must be transparent and honest in their communication and actions.

Key #2: Communication

Communication is vital in any relationship, and the surety relationship is no exception. The surety and the principal must communicate openly and frequently to ensure all parties agree. 

The surety must clearly understand the principal’s obligations and regularly monitor the principal’s performance. The obligee must also communicate with the surety regarding any issues or concerns that arise during the contract or obligation’s performance.

Key #3: Expectations

Expectations are another critical aspect of the surety relationship. The surety and the principal must clearly understand the contract or obligation’s terms and conditions, including the completion date, scope of work, and payment terms. 

The surety must ensure that the principal can meet the expectations outlined in the contract or obligation. The obligee must also communicate its expectations to the surety and the principal. Clear and realistic expectations help to prevent disputes and promote a successful relationship.

Key #4: Financial Stability

Financial stability is crucial in the surety relationship. The surety must ensure that the principal is financially stable and capable of meeting its obligations. The surety may require financial disclosures from the principal to assess its financial condition. 

The obligee must also be financially stable to meet its obligations under the contract or commitment. The surety must assess the obligee’s financial condition before providing a guarantee. 

Key #5: Professionalism

Professionalism is essential in the surety relationship. The surety, the principal, and the obligee must professionally conduct themselves at all times. Professionalism fosters trust, respect, and a positive relationship. The surety must ensure that the principal runs the business professionally and adheres to industry standards and best practices. 

The obligee must also professionally conduct business and administer the contract or obligation fairly and impartially. Professionalism is critical because it promotes a positive relationship and ensures all parties act in good faith.


The surety relationship is critical to success in the insurance industry. Trust, communication, expectations, financial stability, and professionalism are essential to establish a successful surety relationship. By following these critical keys, the surety relationship can be successful, and all parties can benefit from a positive, productive relationship.

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